Though I live in what is commonly referred to as the Washington DC Metro Area, I very seldom cross the Potomac and venture into the Nation’s Capitol. There reasons for my chronic avoidance of DC are many – it’s crowded, there’s no place to park, and I always feel less intelligent when I go back to Virginia than I did when I left. Perhaps it’s something in the water.

But I digress.

Last week my son, Corderinho, enjoyed a day-camp at the National Zoo.  While this was fun for him, it meant that I had to go collect him from the Zoo after work lest the zookeepers feed him to the lions.  I’m pretty sure the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro would have thought me a bad father had I let our son become lion-chow, so I dutifully crossed the Potomac and walked the six blocks from the Metro stop to the Zoo gates.

In the midst of my trek through the super-humidified street, I was approached by a college-age young woman who asked me the following question:

Do you have a moment for Barack Obama?

Of course I had a moment for Barack Obama! As a matter of fact, I had three or four moments to spare – so I entertained her question.

Her mission, of course, was much like Barack Obama’s – namely to separate me from some of my money. She “only” wanted a C-Note from me so I could join Obama’s campaign to “fix the economy, give free health care to everyone, end the war, and bring hope and change to America.”

Here’s the rest of the exchange:

Me: I’ll gladly give you a C-Note for Obama’s campaign if you can just answer me one or two questions.

Obama Girl: Sure!

Me: How exactly is Mr. Obama going to do all those things you just rattled off?

Obama Girl: <Quizzical Look> What do you mean?

Me: Well, how is he going to “fix the economy”?

Obama Girl: He’s going to raise taxes on the rich and make the oil companies lower the price of gas.

Me: Uh huh. So basically what you’re telling me is the only thing I can expect from Barack Obama is that he’ll take more of my money. I’m sorry, I can’t afford him.

Obama Girl: <surprised expression> So you’re not going to support his campaign?

Me: Nope, but have a great day anyway.

Obama Girl wasn’t alone in her fundraising efforts. There were about 15 DNC volunteers strategically placed along the street.

I’ve read a lot about Obama’s prolific fundraising and how he’s going to crush McCain by outspending him three or four to one. A look at shows some interesting data.  Obama has raised just under $300 million in his campaign so far.  June numbers aren’t in yet, so he may have already exceeded that number by now.  What is key about the numbers is that he’s spent almost $250 million of what he’s raised.  In the month of May he burned through about $3.5 million more than he raised. In business we call that a forest fire burn rate.

It will be interesting to see how much cash the Obamatons managed to shake loose in June.