The Wall Street Journal makes a compelling case for two men that would likely give Barack Obama his best chance at beating John McCain in the general election – Senator Joe Biden and former Vice President Al Gore.

Gore is obviously the reach candidate here. Why would someone who served eight years in the position and lost one of the closest, most controversial elections ever, want to become Vice President again? Well, mainly because he’d be given free reign by an Obama administration to work on his passion – the environment. Besides Gore’s personal benefits, Obama gets someone who was arguably a Supreme Court decision away from being President. He’s respected abroad and even if many American’s don’t agree with his politics, they’d have to begrudgingly agree that he’s qualified to step in to the big chair, if it were required.

Biden is a more realistic pick. He acquitted himself quite nicely in the early parts of the Democratic nomination process, even though it didn’t translate into votes. He’s got a ton of service time in the Senate when it comes to foreign policy, and he appears to be a “bulldog” that many VP candidates need to be in a general election.

Gore is the dream candidate. Biden is the safe pick. Both would go a long way to help Barack Obama in the general.