Just a mini-update, because the VP Power Rankings change about as often as Ryan Seacrest whitens his teeth.


1. Mark Sanford – He’s a conservative darling, and fits the profile well, if McCain cares to appease the grassroots. The question becomes, does Mac Daddy really care about the conservative base?

2. Mitt Romney – Wealthy, polished, wealthy, already has some national name ID, wealthy, tireless, wealthy, and negates questions about McCain’s weakness on economics issues. Oh, and did we mention he’s wealthy?

3. Bobby Jindal – He’s a complete long shot, but we’ve not seen a long shot get this much buzz since Geraldine Ferrarro in ’84.

The GOP Darkhorse

Sarah Palin – Great back story, very charming and likable, and serves smack dab in the middle of a drilling-where-the-greens-don’t-want-to-drill state. That state happens to be Alaska. She’s got a bit of a “hottie” buzz about her, but like we said, she’s from Alaska.


1. Evan Bayh – He’s the poster boy for Moderate Democrats, plus he’s vetted and experienced. If Obama wants to add very popular, moderate balance, this IS the best pick. By the way, he’s moderate.

2. Evan Bayh – He’s such a good pick, we think he occupies spots #1 and #2.

3. Sam Nunn – He’s also moderate, and very experienced, and also fits the ‘insider’ model that is common with Veep picks. He’s also been out of politics for 10 years, and does the ‘change’ candidate want an old-school Beltway insider? He may need one, and Nunn is just as good as any of them.

The Dem Darkhorse

Al Gore – He’s never been more respected around the world, his pet issue has never been more important, and it would be the ultimate sacrifice for country and would cement a rare place in history. Here’s one for you – who are the only two men to serve as Vice President under two different Presidents?