• Justin Jackson

    Ears II– By the time you hear them it is already too late…

  • RedstateEddio

    “Man in Black” & the “White Talker”

  • Lazlo

    Overrated and Overrateder

  • BrianH

    Will Smith is thrilled to learn that he has been chosen to play the Messiah in the Barak Obama movie.

  • Gary Russell

    Obama announces his choice for ruuning mate

  • JE

    Is it just me or does the Obamessiah look bitter by comparison?

  • JE

    One starred in “Men in Black” the other would say whoever came up with that title is racist.

  • Troy La Mana

    Obama is thinking, “D*mn, I wish I was that cool.. and popular.. and ….”

  • BrianH

    Fresh Prince / Fresh Dense

    ….need to fix my sticking keys

  • BrianH

    I Am Legend / I Am Idiot

    Fresh Price of Bel Air / Fresh Dense of DC