For those who consider themselves part of the MTV generation (which is a subtle reminder that you’re only 30 years away from collecting social security), you’ll recall MTV’s “Rock the Vote” campaign in the late 90’s.

  • MTV wanted me to “Rock the Vote!”
  • MTV wanted me to “Choose or lose!” 
  • MTV wanted me to “Fight For Your Rights!” 

MTV lead the charge in the late 1990’s against the apathy of younger voters. MTV made it clear that they they wanted your vote (i.e. “Rock the Vote”), and they wanted your sex (i.e. “The Real World”). So imagine my surprise to learn that MTV, who has spoon fed the youth electorate for well over a decade, is just now allowing political ads? Huh?That’s right.

After almost 27 years years, MTV will now begin accepting political ads. Said MTV: 

“MTV Networks will accept political advertising that is national in scope, sponsored by a legally qualified candidate, a candidate’s official campaign committee, a nationally recognized political party, or the official congressional campaign committee(s) of a nationally recognized party.”


In other words, sorry Dennis Kucinich.

While I applaud MTV for allowing presidential candidates the opportunity to share their message with younger voters, it still amazes me that it took MTV 27 years to come to this decision.

In summary: MTV may have requested that you “Rock the Vote” when you were young. What they didn’t tell you is that this “rocking” would probably come in the form of a rocking chair.