• Lea W.

    No…really, Seargant…I did try to sell drugs as a young man. And I still feel guilty about it! Whaddya say you and your partner show me some “Taser Justice” and then we can compare batons?

  • Justin Jackson

    I am Barack Obama and I approved this massage…

  • Gary Russell

    Nice “Family Guy” reference, Shawn!

  • RedstateEddio

    Obama’s clinging of choice, instead of to guns and religion.

    • http://www.sotr.us Cordeiro

      Actually, both of those CHiPs are armed – with extra “magazines”. So, technically, Obama is “clinging” to guns – by proxy.

  • AndDru1

    The glorified community organizer poses with local heroes, because his opponent is a national hero.

  • http://www.sotr.us Cordeiro

    Obama’s answer to the Kennedy-Dodd Waitress Sandwich.

  • Brian H

    Too Funny!!!

    You beat me to it…”Kneel Before Zod” takes on a whole new meaning.

  • Brian H

    “You have the order to remain silent. Anyhting you say against Obama can and will be labeled as racist. You have a right to free health insurance; if you can not afford health insurance Barak Obama will provide it for you.”

    I LOVE Strippers!!!!!!!

  • J. Shawn Durham

    Oh, I got another one from Quagmire:

    “I don’t want to come between the two of you… Or do I? OH!”


    “Inverse Oreo cookies. And I must say we got milk.”


    “Take this picture quick before Michelle kicks my a##!”

  • J. Shawn Durham

    Hottest… Cops… EVER!

  • dana brown

    ‘CHPs (CHIPS) off the old Barack (rock)’. (not pos. if they are CHP’s but, it works)

  • Eric

    Paleeeeease. A photo op with Ponch and Jon is so McCain.

  • Lazlo

    This is what many immature white people fear.

    Thankfully, most of those whites will be forced to face this fear and find that everything will be okay. However, some whites are actually ‘flighting’ to other private communities and actually other countries. They are only delaying reality.

    Ironically, some non-whites don’t particularily want what Obama represents either. They too will have their ridiculous belief system shamed by the greatness of the human spirit.

    BTW: Are those CHiPs?

    • Brian H

      Typical predictable tactic. Accuse people who dont like Obama of being fearful white people who are against the General because he is black.

      I will not be intimidated into voting for Obama simply cause he is a black man.

      Word to Your Mutha….

      • dw

        Obama’s color is chosen based on who he is with. When with one side of the family, he’s white. Other times, he’s black.

        The oreo analogy seems to fit in another way…

      • Lazlo

        “Accuse people who dont like Obama of being fearful white people who are against the General because he is black.”

        I never said that. My remark was general, not political.

        I know most neo-libs like Collin Powell, Clarence Thomas, and Condi Rice.

        Using the race card like the way you mentioned is a Dem lib tactic. Don’t *EVER* confuse me with a Dem lib.

        Like I said before. There is only one big difference between most Pub voters and folks like me. The former is pretty fed up with the Pub party, but tolerate them as they feel they have nothing else…the later is completely fed up with the Pub party, will no longer tolerate them, and have started on rebuilding the conservative movement.

        To us, 2008 is a rebuilding season.

    • RedstateEddio

      Huh? Did you forget to take your meds today?

    • Gary Russell

      As an IWA (Immature White American), I have no idea what you’re talking about, Lazlo.

      SURELY you’re not implying that all white folks are racists, are you?

      • Brian H

        Gary. I rarely, if ever, have any clue to what Lazlo is talking about.

        Maybe if I had read “The Revolution: A Manifesto”, by Ron Paul, I would be able to decipher his incoherent rants…..

  • JE

    General Zod has chosen his Captains…and shows he has something in common with at least one Clinton.
    (Would it be over the top to include ‘kneel before Zod’?)