One of the many people currently occupying the underside of the Team Obama Bus just got hit in the face with the Obama “Seal”.  Not even the hip latin “Yes We Can” phrase could make up for the fact that people looked at the fruit of Obama’s graphic artist and said “What the hell was he thinking?”

Well, here’s my entry for what should replace the Obama Seal.  I hope I get royalties!



  • Brian H

    I know you are an Obama supporter Patrick so I will try to explain this as simply as possibe.

    PD puts a photo up and we are asked to make up captions and comments about said photo. As you might be smart enough to understand the current photo is one of Barak (General Zod) Obama, hence the number of postings about the photo.

    You are right about one thing. I do my best to sit around and think of ways to trash Obama every single day. It his become a very enjoyable, and quite easy, hobby of mine.

    Sorry you have taken the attacks on your Messiah so personally. I am sure our blasphemy will not go unpunished.

    • Whodat in Texas

      Y’all take it easy on our token liberal, Patrick. I think IRS rules demand we have at least one around and ol Toby hasn’t been showing up for work lately.

      In addition to the obvious Che resemblance, the picture reminds me of the popular “Mother of Guadelupe” drawings, when done on black velvet, the eyes actually follow you around the room… These can be made to glow in the dark… In other words, this picture may be the opening outreach for the Latino vote here in Texas.

      Carumba! Es muy interesane para este gringo viejo!!!

  • Patrick Keegan

    So nine of your last ten posts have been nothing but trash Obama posts.

    My guess is you either have a crush on Barack or you just have so little of a life that you sit around and think about ways to trash him.

    You are weak because all you do is trash someone you have a difference with. Grow a set and support your candidate or step off. Beacuse right now you just look like a bitter old internet doof.

    Instead of being a typical conservative shill and trashing anyone with and idea different than you, why don’t you do something different and have an original idea that helps our nation instead of being an idiot who just trashes anyone that disagrees with them.

    Wow. Tough for you?

    • Cordeiro

      Wow, Patrick. Its good to know you can count – at least to ten. Had you done further research, I’m sure you’d have figured out I wasn’t always an Obama “trasher”. I used to take shots at Hillary as well.

      I don’t take nearly as many shots at Obama as I could. First off, I do have a life and second – Obama gives me more ammunition than I could ever conceivably use.

      Had you bothered to actually read my commentary, you’d realize I have serious differences with Obama as to where he would take the country. I’m not willing to accept his “Hope” and “Change” strategy at face value becuase there is little substance to his plans.

      Politics, Mr. Keegan, is a contact sport. May I humbly suggest that you grow a set and quit whining every time somebody takes a shot at your candidate. Your-waste-of-keystrokes-and-bandwidth-comment showed your weakness, not mine. All you did was call me names – you didn’t actually take on any of my exceptionally well made points about Obama.

      As for which of us actually has a life, you’ll note that I’m not the one trolling the web at 11:26 PM leaving cheap-shot comments – comments which are acutally longer than the post to which they are attached.

      Wow. Tough for you?

  • Gary Russell

    “Toby has the Obama seal tattooed on his butt.”

    I’m a huge fan of the Gipper, but this is DEFINITELY one time that I do NOT want to “Trust, but verify”!!!!

    • Brian H

      Good Point!

  • Brian H

    Apparently not Kriten. I just came off a two week workshop for History teachers at the University of Houston where I was subjected to two weeks of self-described “Communists” bashing the USA. Since this is what our young ones face when they enter college I am not shocked at all by the support General Zod has.

    • kristen

      Ah yes, forgot about the college campuses these days….

  • Brian H

    Whodat now uses Che shirt to wash his car.

    Brian H happy dat Whodat didnt wear Che to boot camp.

  • kristen

    Thanks for the laughs guys….loved the comments.

    Seriously–what is the average American not seeing? This guy changes the seal, has a “che” poster in one of his Texas headquarters, doesn’t wear the lapel pin (until now), has a wife who is finally proud of her country, for 20 years sat in the pews of a church so anti-American and anti-Christian it’s appalling, wants to appease terrorists, (we could keep going)…..

    Could this guy BE more out of touch?

  • East-of-Eden

    At first glance yesterday I thought it was the presidential seal, and I thought Zod (that’s for you BrianH) was a bit presumptive about that. Then my husband told me what it was reall, and yes it does scare the hell out of me….!! I wonder what Toby has to say about this?? haha

    • Brian H

      Toby has the Obama seal tattooed on his butt.

  • RedstateEddio

    Interesting quote from the linked article:

    “Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic magazine said, “Does the press think Obama is arrogant? Yes.”

    Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, said the episode reinforces this media perception of Obama.

    “The press corps adopts a subtext for each candidate,” Sabato told The Examiner. “Daddy Bush was ‘a nice guy but out of touch.’ Bill Clinton was ‘smart but randy.’ Bob Dole was ‘heroic but too old.’ Gore was ‘brilliant but a fibber and a bore.’ Dubya was ‘pleasant but dumb.’”

    He added: “Obama’s subtext is rapidly becoming ‘charismatic but arrogant.’”

    Ouch – But are they going to report any of that to the American John Q Public? Of course not, they’re dipping into the Kool-Aid too much to do that.

  • RedstateEddio

    Doesn’t “volo vestri bellaria” mean “our empty suit”?

    • Cordeiro

      Nice try, Eddio. Its actually Latin for “I Want Your Dessert” which is the closest I could get to “I Want Your Pie”.

      • RedstateEddio

        Maybe your subtitle could read “Quando omni flunkus communistati”…

      • Gary Russell

        “I want your pie” …
        Wasn’t that a line from “Revenge of the Nerds”?!

  • Whodat in Texas

    Doggone I hate it when Brian H beats me to the obvious: This poster reminds me of Che all the way. Far out, man, I loved the 60’s for any number of reasons.

    Man, I learned 3 chords on guitar, got myself a Che shirt and made all the love-ins I could. I remember the chicks. Barely. Wow. I did not inhale. Much.

    Anyway, wasn’t there a Barack-flock office down in Houston during the primaries where there was a Che picture on the wall behind the volunteers? Maybe in May? Didn’t the Obamachine say it was just coincidence? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Whodat say FAR OUT

    P.S. I did not wear my Che shirt to boot camp in ’69… The 60s and my ride were officially done.

  • Brian H

    “I’m Aint Legend”

  • Brian H

    Is this “Che”ish image only disturbing to me?

    This is the mentality of the average Obama flock member.

  • Brian H

    You know mine slogan……..

    “Kneel Before Zod”