Do you use Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button? You should. The oft neglected neighbor of the much more popular “Google Search” button can provide just as many hours of entertainment. Take for example, the presidential candidates.

I was doing research online and, with the modern journalists’ credo in mind (“If It’s On The Internet, Then It Must Be True!”), I turned to Google for answers. I was curious as to how the presidential candidates are defined by online dictionaries. You can too – try this simple experiment at home!

Enter “Barack Obama dictionary” in the Google search field, then click on “I’m Feeling Lucky.” The results?

Cool! It takes me directly to an entry about him in Urban Dictionary! Hip! Modern! Popular! Youth-vote getting! Hyperbole!

Now enter “John McCain dictionary” in the Google search field, and then click on “I’m Feeling Lucky.” The results?

Oh crap. I feel depressed now. Thanks for ruining my mood, Google.


  • David Kaiser

    My favorite one of those of all time is if you put “French Military Victories” in and hit the Lucky Button.

    The result is priceless.

    • RedstateEddio

      Try this site if you’re looking for some Frenchie military humor –
      Seriously funny!

      • David Kaiser

        One of my all time favs is the eBay listing for thousands of World War II era French rifles.

        Never shot.

        Only dropped once.

        • RedstateEddio

          Payment accepted in Deutchmarks, right?