I once listened to a wise old man tell of his reaction to a Washington Post article in which the author spent the entire column bemoaning all that was wrong with the world. After having finished the column, the man stated he believed the article’s author had spent the week “sucking on pickles”.

The MSM, in general, is populated by Pickle Suckers. They spend their time looking for the worst of the worst to write, talk, or speak about because – in the end – the reporter’s axiom rings true: “If it bleeds, it leads.”

Yesterday, the Associated Press – obviously lacking any real news to report – saw fit to fill its bandwidth quota with a declaration that “Everything seemingly is spinning out of control”. In it, authors Alan Fram and Eileen Putnam take the reader on a whirlwind tour of Katrina ravaged New Orleans and flood soaked Iowa and Missouri. The United States is gripped in a malaise fueled despair reminiscent of the Carter years. Want to get away? Your dollar is worthless and it costs too much to fly anyway.

No, you won’t find any solace in sports or TV. Between steroids and the writer’s strike there’s nothing worth watching. What is the conclusion of Fram & Putnam? Well, its not a rosy one:

Why the vulnerability? After all, this is the 21st century, not a more primitive past when little in life was assured. Surely people know how to fix problems now.

Maybe. And maybe this is what the 21st century will be about — a great unraveling of some things long taken for granted.

Fram & Putnam aren’t alone in their love of Pickle Juice. Last week ABCNews’ Sarah Namias opened up her column with this question:

Are we living in the last century of our civilization? Is it possible that all of our technology, knowledge and wealth cannot save us from ourselves? Could our society actually be heading towards collapse?

Is there no optimism at all in today’s media? Even the predictions of 1900 were not this dire and pessimistic.

Yes, dear reader, we’re all going to die. Most of us will be pushing up daisies well before the end of this century. ABC will broadcast Earth 2100 in September – just in time to convince voters the world will literally end if they put another Republican in the Oval Office this fall.

America looks to her President for leadership in troubled times. There’s a big difference between a candidacy built on empty rhetoric and one built on tested leadership. Ronald Reagan won two terms in the Oval because he made people feel good about America after the Carter debacle. Reagan made people believe America was the shining city on the hill – the example the rest of the world could aspire to.

I don’t get that vibe from Obama. I believe, as he looks out over America’s fruited plain, he sees through much the same lens as the pickle sucking MSM correspondents. He sees a country that eats too much, drives the wrong cars, and lives in better houses than it needs. Life is too good for too few.

Obama’s answer to this problem is not to improve life for the masses, but rather to worsen the life of those for whom life is better. Rather than increase wealth he will redistribute poverty. His plan for progress is to have America take a gigantic step backwards so the rest of the world can feel better about itself.

America needs a leader, not an empty suit that looks, acts, and is lost once the teleprompter goes dark. Spare me the pickle juice cocktail, Mr. Obama. I’ll stick to Guaraná.


  • Yeszir

    I know this is a late post but I loved the blog and thought the exact same thing when I read the AP article.
    1. How is this news?
    2. Who pays these people?

  • Gary Russell

    LOVE your writing style. Always interesting, easy-to-follow.
    And a big “AMEN” to this post.
    I thought the same thing when I saw the “spinning out of control” headline.
    I just came in from laying in my hammock (just got it for Father’s Day – love it!) and thanking God (MY deity of choice, S.A.) for all my blessings. Sure, there’s a lot of crap out there, and everything is not rosy, but it sure beats how 99% of the rest of the world has it right now.

  • kristen

    I always feel like I’m reading my thoughts. Great post.

    Obama and Reagan are nothing alike. Their strategies are completely different, and most importantly, their philosophies are different.

    I love Guarana. I got to enjoy it for 4 months when I lived close to the Brazilian border.

  • RedstateEddio

    Cordeiro – Excellent post.

    The biggest difference between Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan is NOT that people walk away feeling inspired, but TO WHAT do they feel inspired? With Reagan, it was a clear, compelling, positive message that the gov’t is blocking our potential as a people, and that we can see the best ahead by reducing its role and letting us live freer lives. He criticized the malaise policies of an incumbent liberal that drove us into double digit inflationary disaster, and challenged us to build and grow a better America by working hard and enjoying the fruits of that success rather than turn it right over to the govt.

    What Obaam does is inspire us to depend on the government to solve our problems with health care et al. So while it’s “inspiring”, all it inspires me to do is wring my hands in fear of “what else” is out there that could go wrong and go sit on the couch and watch TV since the gov’t is taking care of little ol’ me. That is not a future that inspires me.

    And no, Michelle Obama saying they’re going to take a piece of my pie away to give to someone else’s piece is not quite the same rhetoric as Reagan’s.

  • dw

    Warning: way off topic drift to start the post…

    Thanks for the link on Guarana! I grew up in Brazil and love this drink (Antartica brand is the best). I always ask for it when I go to a Brazilian steak house. And, fortunately, there is a Brazilian grocery store relatively close to where I live where I can buy this wonderful beverage.

    I am thrilled to hear Pepsi will be selling this!

    Now, to get back on topic… I think you are correct about the blead/lead approach. But, the MSM also excels at making mountains out of mole hills. Often, it does appear to be politically motivated. But, I’m not sure that is always the case. The MSM is under pressure to deliver ratings/subscriptions now that news is so easily available via other mediums. I think what we are seeing is not the end of the world, but the end of old school journalism. Change is good…

    Perhaps the MSM will feel better after downing a six pack or two of Guarana :-)

  • J. Shawn Durham

    Um, the latest Newsweek poll has Obama up by 15 points. It was even with McCain a month ago… And other polls show him ahead in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

    I’d say that is a post-Hillary bounce.

  • Cordeiro


    You’re almost right. Obama is trying to make everyone feel good…about Obama. Judging by his just slightly better than dead cat bounce in the post-Hillary polls, he’s not doing a good job.

    • Lazlo

      No, no, no.

      You neo-libs can’t dismiss polls you don’t like and count polls you do like.

      You have revoked your poll priviledges.

      And Obama base is more solid than ever. The more you try to slander him, the more you solidify his base and drive others to him.

      Obama is the anti-establishment hero.

      If you really want to damage Obama, link him to the establishment. He’s just some punk who married into the Chicago mob. That mob has tapped his no experienced shoulder to give ‘er a run. Expose that.

      Heh. But that can’t be exposed. Not only is it hard to confront blacks (much harder a monster black organization), but also, the ‘black mob’ isn’t a black mob…it’s part of a bigger organization that doesn’t want to any exposing.

      No. Obama and McCain are two puppets of the same organization. Americans been too gullible, too scared, and too greedy to seriously question the two-headed (partied) hydra for decades.

      • David Kaiser

        We’d love to revoke your internet privileges, but since that isn’t happening, you don’t get to revoke poll privileges spanky.

        • Lazlo

          LOL…I’m just making a point about how dishonest people are with others and even themselves when it comes to politics.

          The quest for what’s right gives way to the quest to win. That pretty much sums up how American principles of freedom has morphed into American corporatism. I’m for a free market, but corporatism has become our Frankenstein. The monster hounded us out of how we wanted to live into the industrial age. Now, as we run to the service industry, the monster chases us, lashes out at us, and controls us via ridiculous PC, hyper-loan shark banking industry, and massively corporate-influenced government.

          Those that protest the US are like the villagers whom the monster terrorizes. Their protest signs may as well be pitchforks. Frankenstein ends with the monster dragging its creator to a cold death embrace. To prevent it, we must turn and deal with this monster…face up to what we have created…face up to what it has done to us.

          Unchecked corporatism is simply bad for freedom.

          Getting back to the subject…an unchecked government is really bad for people that want to be free. And to check the government, people must first check the *intentions* of their own political actions.

      • Cordeiro

        Ok, am I a neo-con or a neo-lib? Pick one and stick with it, Lazlo!

  • Lazlo

    Wow. Excellent blog.

    I think the misery MSM comes from a few sources:

    1. That’s what the people want. Remember the Matrix…humans rejected the utopian program. Basically, misery loves company…and TV is America’s best friend.

    2. There’s gold in fear-mongering.

    3. Journalists are undervalued or feel they are. And anyone feeling undervalued, gets bitter.

    As far as Obama not being Reagan, your premise is off.

    1. Reagan didn’t make all “people feel good about America”. He only made conservatives feel good about America.

    2. Obama simply is making people feel good about America…just not conservatives.

    Obama is the Reagan of the Democratic party. Heck, Obama has already sparked more good feelings in the primary race than Reagan did both his terms. Heck, Obama makes more people feel good about America than even Ron Paul, but that is because the neo-libs successfully kookerized him (talk about throwing someone under the bus! Paul should be heralded as a legendary conservative).

    Anyway, McCain doesn’t make hardly anyone feel good about America. To conservatives, McCain is the lesser of two evils. To everyone else, McCain stands for most things wrong with the country.

  • J. Shawn Durham