• Justin Jackson

    “…and so if the President had just given me one more high five this could have all been averted.”

  • Gary Russell

    “Raise your hand if you are an opportunistic weasel!”

  • AndDru1

    “Do you swear to distort reality and attack Bush in complete disregard to the truth, so help you Obama?”

    • AndDru1

      McClellan: “Yes we…I mean I can.”

  • RedstateEddio

    I swear…I am a complete buffoon.

  • Brian H

    Sorry. I must have got lost in translation. Something about Republican sex, neo libs, and George Carlin.

    I’ll take your word for it Lazlo, as I have NO IDEA what you were trying to say.

    • AndDru1

      ROFL, me either.

  • Brian H

    “I swear to distort the truth, the whole, truth, and nothing but the truth…for 30 pieces of silver and invitations to liberal cocktail parties.”

  • Lazlo

    McClellan. The posterchild for the Republican stereotype.

    Seriously. When non-Pubs think of Pubs, this is how they envision them. Sad, balding, old-fat-boys who try to compensate for their impotency and sexual hangups by telling others who they can have sex with and how they can have sex.

    The posterchild for the Democratic stereotype is George Carlin (RIPadeedoda!).

    The ironic thing is that McCellan isn’t turning out to be much of a neo-lib…and Carlin wasn’t as liberal as people think.

    Are they two pees in a pod? No, but both seem more about bringing out truths to the people…about encouraging discussions instead of controlling discussions.

    • Gary Russell

      If you truly mean to ask if McClellan and Carlin are/were two “p-e-e-s” in a pod, my answer is a resounding “Yes”.