Flip Flop

The flip-flop is a very popular piece of footwear. I own a couple of pairs myself. One of my favorite days of the year is the first spring day it’s warm enough to bust out with the flip-flops and let my tootsies air out from a long winter hibernating under wool socks and heavy shoes.

But the term flip-flop has developed into a negative when applied to the arena of politics.

It’s most famous application to date occurred in the 2004 Presidential election, where Dubbya successfully labeled John Kerry as a “flip-flopper” and even had the entire Republican National Convention chanting it on national television.

This cycle, both John McCain and Barack Obama are trying to stick each other with the dreaded “flip-flop” label, and both sides are providing plenty of ammunition to the other.

In the last week alone, the candidates flipped on two major issues – McCain on drilling off the U.S. coast and Obama on public funding for his campaign.

This game of musical flopping will likely continue throughout the campaign, and my guess is, whoever is left wearing the feared footwear when the music stops in November, will likely find themselves on the wrong side of winning.