• JE

    Barack Obama presents the first person on his VP short list, showing how much difficulty there is finding someone whose political experience won’t overshadow his.

  • Gary Russell

    OK, I just noticed…
    Is that a large hoop earring in Obama’s left ear?

    • RedstateEddio

      I thought the same thing!

      “Aaarrggghh, ye mateys, I’m a pirate!”

  • RedstateEddio

    Ben, keep making crap movies and I’m gonna revoke that athletes & actors exemption for all those million dollar contracts you guys sign.

    What’s that? It’s been a long time since you’ve seen that kind of money?

    I’m sorry? Your wife Jennifer brings home all the bacon?

    And she kicks your sorry butt off the sofa?

    And makes you waer a skirt?

    And she only lets you out to make stupid political panderings like this one?

  • Amanda Mason

    Gary Russell rocks!

    • Gary Russell

      Right back atcha, Amanda!

  • Brian H

    Affleck is thrilled to learn that Obama plans on replacing waterboarding with endless hours Gigli.

  • Pdiddy

    Nice one, Justin!

  • Justin Jackson

    The tie lobby has seen better days…

  • Troy La Mana

    Obama pulls the strings of Hollywood

  • HughH

    “Ben, guess what? After we start taxing the Oil companies with their big profits I’m going to see what I can do about taxing overpaid actors”.

  • ShawnN

    I should have played the smart one in Good Will Hunting. Might have helped the career more.

    “Yes We Can!”

    Should never have dated Lopez. What was I thinking?

    “Yes We Can!”

    And what’s up with Clooney, huh? I mean they got to 13, you would have thought there would be room on the team for me. Oh, yeah, they’ll take my brother Casey, but no Ben.

    “Yes We Can!”

    I’m gonna write my own Casino caper. Yeah, that’s right. It’ll be about this really good looking guy and this black man running for president. They rob a Casino and use the money for Change. Get it, Change? Ha! Yeah. Kiss my… “Yes We Can” …Billy Ocean.

  • Gary Russell

    Obama’s new stump speech…

    “Hey, how y’all??? The Big O here! Hope! Change! Etc!

    Seriously, though, I just flew in on my private plane, which uses NO fossil fuels (its a glider), and then I hopped in a limo that runs entirely on pedal power!

    Isn’t it time that we ‘stick it to the man’ (or, as Michelle likes to say, ‘whitey’ – ain’t she cute?!) for charging us too much for fuel? Can I get an ‘Amen’?

    Can we pass Prop 87 and cut into greedy Big Oil profits?
    [crowd…”Yes we can!” … lady in the front row faints]

    Can we shoot down Brother McCain’s foolish ideas about drilling for oil here in America?”
    [crowd…”Yes we can!” … 3 more ladies faint]

  • Eric

    “Yes on 87! Yes on 87! Yes on 87!

    (whispers) This won’t affect us, right? Good.

    Yes on 87! Yes on 87! Yes on 87!”