A new poll released Thursday shows that Georgia may actually be in play for Barack Obama in November.

According to a new Insider Advantage Georgia poll, John McCain and Obama are statistically tied in the Peach State, with McCain leading 44% to 43% over Obama. The X-factor is the Libertarian candidate, former GOP Rep. Bob Barr, getting 6%. The poll’s results are a change from the same poll a month ago that showed McCain with a 10-point lead, 45% to 35% over Obama with Barr getting 8%. With Georgia and Virginia as statistical dead heats, and the candidates running neck and neck in North Carolina, this means that Obama can compete in usually reliable Republican southern strongholds.

Watch, all of the other political pundits will jump on this point, when some of us here at Political Derby drew this conclusion weeks ago. But hey, who’s gloating?

By the way, early polling shows that voters aren’t likely to hold Obama’s decision of opting out of public funding for his campaign against the Illinois Democrat. A new Rasmussen Reports poll reveals that most voters aren’t too wild about the idea of public financing of political campaigns anyway.


  • Justin Jackson

    The issue I have with Senator Obama is his apparent self-serving and opportunistic nature. Now having lived for more than a day I realize that is not unusual for pols. However, he is running on a new high minded brand of politics with a standard he himself has not met. There is public financing, his church, his pastor, flag pins, Grandma, and even including saying he would not run hanging out there. That is what causes me to have doubts about his campaign promises and rhetoric.

  • 2X

    Come up with all the justifications you will fo rthe reason Obama is making a serious run for it in previously red states, but the simple fact is that people everywher are tired of the way things have been going in this country. Recent polls show that 80% of the country think that we are headed in the wrong direction. That’s not 80% in just the blue states, but 80% everywhere. Additionally, can we please grow up with the Obama “empty suit” digs? The policies that he supports are laid out plan and clear for all to see. Any idiot can see the meat behind those policies. If it weren’t any substance then you wouldn’t have such strong challenge from the Republican side of the issues. That empty suit charges sounds about like the “you know he’s a muslim” e-mail smear…like it was a sound bite that “seemed” legitimate but those that spread it don’t have enough intelligence to look up the facts on their own.

    • Brian H


      I will not be shocked by an Obama victory. The fact remains that Obama is a rank amateur, at best. The man is remarkably clueless to basic historic facts, economic prinipals, and foreign affair issues. America can pat itslef on the back on Jan, 21, 2008 for breaking the presidential color barrier but elections do have consequences.

  • dw

    Barr is from Georgia. He had a strong GOP following when he was in office here. I think his numbers in Georgia will be higher than in the rest of the country. But, I attribute that to GOP voters who are unhappy with McCain – not to Libertarian voters. His policies really don’t align as well with the Lib party, as they do with teh GOP.

    Obama’s (empty) message of change plays well to (ignorant) Georgia Dems who are eager for government handouts/bailouts. Just look at the popularity of Cynthia McKinney (Green Party POTUS candidate) when she was in office. The woman is clueless and powerhappy, and did literally nothing while in congress (other than manage to get a POTUS photo-op at every State of the Union address – regardless of the president’s political affiliation).

    • Lazlo

      McKinney had enough courage to call Bush out about 9/11…and she was right.

      • Brian H

        Please explain that statement in more detail. McKinney accused the Bush administration of knowing about the 9/11 attacks ahead of time, as well as it being a plot by Jews. Is that what you are referring to?

        As I have pointed out numerous numerous times…….the Ron Paul flock are KOOKS and LOONS. Lazlo is typical of the NUTTERS who think Paul and his “The Revolution: A Manifesto” is a good read.

        Thanks for once again proving my point Lazlo. Whether it is 9/11 conspiracies or Ron Paul rhetoric on days when we celebrate fallen heros, Lazlo just cant keep the NUTTERness within himslef.

        • Lazlo

          “McKinney accused the Bush administration of knowing about the 9/11 attacks ahead of time, as well as it being a plot by Jews.

          Prove her wrong.

          • dw

            The proof that McKinney was wrong? Her lips moved…

    • Brian H


      You have confused McKinney with Shiela Jackson Lee. Shiela is the one that muscles her way to the aisle during the State of the Union. Not a chance in HELL Bush would ever let that loon McKinney anywhere near him.

      • dw

        Brian, it likely is both of them. Here in GA, the news was always showing McKinney with the POTUS du jour…

    • Troy La Mana

      I think Barr might be able to carry Georgia. I’m sure he will poll higher then 6% in the final tally.

  • Lazlo

    I don’t get the sudden Barr appeal.

    Most Libertarians went with Ron Paul…and once you go Paul you never go back.

    Seriously, all the libertarians I know are through with the LP…we want our party back…the Republican party.

    And Barr came out of nowhere…it kinda smells fishy.

    • Troy La Mana

      This sudden Barr appeal is because people are tired of voting for the “lessor of two evils”.

      People are starting to stand up for their principles and are going to vote with their heart.

      Since we can’t vote for Paul we are going to vote for the candidate most like Paul. We are going to vote for someone who will uphold the Constitution.

      What has Barr done that you don’t approve of? I mean besides switching from Republican to Libertarian.

      • Lazlo

        I’m still voting for Ron Paul…one way or the other.

        A little civil disobedience is in order.