Welcome to the first edition of PoliticalDerby.com’s 2008 VP Power
Rankings, the original tracking service in the current race for the White House. After ranking the horses seeking the top spot since 2005, we now turn our attention to the bottom of the ticket.

Take note that ranking VP Horses is a much more difficult, fluid, and
subjective task than ranking the presidential candidates. Without polls or primary results to gauge track position it comes down to rumors, tips, and flipping coins.

So let the fun begin!


The DEM VP Horse Tip Sheet
last updated: June 19, 2008

Mug Shot Momentum The
Tip Sheet
1 Evan Bayh Bayh Even Bayh has had his eye on this spot
since being the first to withdraw from the big race. He’s popular, he’s
smart, and he’s moderate. Most importantly, he’s got the one trait
Obama might want to balance his historic ticket: He’s whiter
than Donny Osmond.
2 Bill Richardson Richardson Even Richardson has been running for #2 since
his days as a professional baseball player. Bill might be viewed as a
bold and risky pick, but a bazillion-and-one-times safer than Hillary. Still, wouldn’t Obama win the Hispanic vote without him?
3 Joe Biden Biden Even Like Richardson, Biden would bring experience and gravitas to the ticket. But he’s also the consummate Senator: A long-winded, full-of-himself politico who needs 500 words to say what real people could say in 50.
4 Hillary Clinton Clinton Down Hillary’s best chance at being named Veep was
withdrawing with dignity from the race a long time ago. Also, you can’t
dismiss the idea that picking Hillary would mean every parent with a
daughter in a DC-based internship would have to file a preemptive
restraining order against former President Crotch.
5 Jim Webb Webb Down Oh come on, who hasn’t used the phrase “Nazification
of the Confederacy”? The only reason Webb is even on this list is that
he has a military background and hails from VA. The reason he’s falling fast as Obama’s potential Veep is his newly-discovered soft spot for the confederacy.


Others receiving votes: Tim Kaine, Al Gore, Claire McCaskill, Michael Bloomberg

The GOP VP Horse Tip Sheet
last updated: June 19, 2008

  Momentum The Tip Sheet
1 Mark Sanford Sanford Even South Carolina’s governor has enemies on the
right and the left, but that’s only among
stick-in-the-mud party leaders,
the conservative grassroots troops love him. Would Sanford want to take
a shot now or bank on being a top-tier front-runner for the top spot in
2012 or 2016?
2 Charlie Crist Crist Even Crist is popular in Florida, the
state that could once again determine who rents the big U-Hall and
moves to 1600 Penn Ave. He has chemistry with McCain, something that’s
not easy to do. Would conservatives embrace him? Or does McCain assume
they’ll come home to the ticket regardless of who’s on the second line?
3 Mitt Romney Romney Even Romney seems to have everything going for
him, except the little bitty fact
that McCain doesn’t like him and by all accounts Mitt isn’t J-Mac’s
biggest fan either. But Romney has more econ street cred than any other
horse on either side, and McCain seems dreadfully out of touch on
economic issues.
4 Mike Huckabee Huckabee Even Huckabee has done everything but get on both knees and
beg for the #2 spot. Sure he’d make social conservatives giddy,
but his tendency to wear his religion on his sleeve could be a
negative. Still, only Obama is smoother on the trail or debate stage.
5 Bobby Jindal Jindal Even Jindal is a hot name at the betting window, but his
age could be a major factor. He’s only 37-years old. For the
mathematically challenged, that makes him 34-years younger than McCain.
The campaign trail for president is no place to start a Big Brother
outreach program.

Others receiving votes: Tim Pawlenty, Jim DeMint, John Thune, Tom Coburn
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