… A Belgian company with Australian ties is attempting a hostile takeover of Anheuser-Busch, the company to which Cindy McCain is an heir. If the buyout takes, what does that mean for J Mac? Does this open him to foreign influence?

… So far, J Mac has not been to any of the sites of the horrific Midwest flooding. But even before media began covering the area’s Katrina, Barack was on the ground helping to fill sandbags. That drew media attention to the disaster, although not the attention of our Fearless Leader the Shrub or his successor hopele- I mean, hopeful, J Mac.

… Al Gore’s endorsement of Obama was expected and will only help to draw undecided Dems to his side.

… More American troops died in Afghanistan in May 2008 than in Iraq. Has anyone heard J Mac’s policy on Afghanistan? We know Iraq is our century project (or did he mean we’ll just be in Baghdad until he turns 100? O Goody! Next month, the boys and girls can come home!).

… J Mac is nudging Obama to join him in a town hall meeting a week until the conventions. For (your deity here)’s sake! Give us all a break! And take one yourself, Johnny, please. Plenty time for town halls after Labor Day. Sheeeeeeessssssshhhhh!

PS Happy Birthday, Igor Stravinsky!