PD was back on Fox this morning unveiling our first-ever 2008 Veep Rankings. Full rankings will be online this weekend, but get your sneak peak in this short clip. And while watching be sure to ask yourself, “Is Jason’s mother Cuban or is he wearing a ridiculous amount of makeup?”


  • natz08

    Not much to argue with, but mostly because no one really has a clue yet. The only sure thing is that Obama won’t pick Hillary, IMO.

  • David

    I would put Crist way behind, along with Pawlenty. Sanford, acceptable, but toward bottom of Short List. Romney and huckabee, both have their advantages, but both make the other backers sick. Palin and jindal rising SuperStars, but will Mccain want them?

    Personally, you should put in the first spot, A dark Horse, with no rider, because that is the one who is leading. No clear pick is out there.

  • http://www.politicalderby.com/ Jason Wright, Editor

    Wowza, interesting take. My gut says McCain can’t pick a woman, or a minority for that matter, it would look too blatantly reactive and political. I also don’t think McCain cares about appealing to evangelicals, and a guy like Huck could potentially turn off independents. It’s no secret he likes Crist and he probably owes his crucial Florida win to the governor. Romney is a wild card because McCain doesn’t like him, and vice-a-versa, but that didn’t stop Reagan/Bush 1980.

    That leaves Sanford. I’m not sure McCain would pick him, but I think he’d be a very, very strong #2.

  • AndDru1

    I would put all three of them ahead of Crist and Romney, and I would put Palin and Jindal in front of Sanford.

    • ShawnN

      Palin is hotter than his wife, cindy, so I am sure she would kick his butt if he picked her.

      On the filp side, would be nice to see a prettier face than McCain’s pasty mug every once in a while.

  • http://www.politicalderby.com/ Jason Wright, Editor

    On the site shortly we’ll have deeper rankings. Jindal is overrated, but Huckabee is a possibility. Would you put any of those ahead of the three I mentioned?

  • David

    Disagree on GOP. Sanford is good choice, but missed Palin, Jindal, Huckabee, both have good arguments.

    Romney has Street Cred, yeah, but does he have Rural Road Cred?

  • AndDru1

    I disagree with the ranking, but nicely done anyway.

  • David Kaiser

    Nicely done boss.