It’s getting really crowded under the Obama For America Campaign Bus. Let’s review for a minute those campaign staffers, life-long associates, and mentors who have been summarily tossed out the front door and under the wheels of Team Obama.

First we have Granny. She was tossed under the bus during Obama’s not quite swoon inducing race speech. Nothing personal, Granny. Just politics.

Also wrapped around the axel of the Obamamobile you’ll find Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. So much for Obama not being able to disown someone so close to him. Someplace in the airbrake assembly you’ll also find the congregation of Trinity United Church of Christ. Father Michael Pfleger’s location is as yet undetermined, but is alleged to be someplace near the drive shaft.

Yesterday that crowd was joined by yet another Obama associate – the man Obama (not-quite) hired to vet his list of Veep choices – James Johnson. You see, Obama realized (a bit too late) he couldn’t rail against greedy CEOs whilst (not really) employing a minion of a greedy CEO.

I’m sure in all the confusion I’ve missed one or two people or groups which might have been hurled from the Team Obama bus. As of this writing, another member of Obama’s VP vetting team is dangerously close to the front door. Eric Holder, the architect of Bill Clinton’s pardon for fugitive financier and tax cheat Marc Rich, is the one most likely to next be hurled under the oversized tires. Maybe he’ll manage to hold on to a side rail or bumper.

Kind of makes you wonder if people on the Obama Bus even bother to listen to the disembodied voice warning them to “Please stand clear of the door…”

Update: Rick Moran and I evidently think alike. Seriously, Rick, I didn’t read your post before writing my own. Looks like I missed a few people sailing out the bus door – namely Samantha Powers, Austan Goolsbee, and William Ayers. Nobody’s perfect.

Photo by See-Dubya at Michelle Malkin.