Make no bones about it, the Rove playbook will be in full display in the coming months, and the GOP has apparently already found them a target-rich environment in one Michelle Obama. She will be swift-boated, ripped, shredded and pounded in an attempt to score cheap points – the hallmark of the Karl Rove-style campaigning that has taken over the (not so)Grand Old Party.

The old “fist-pump-is-a-terrorist-fist-jab” was merely the first salvo (which by the way, the Fox anchor who said it apologized) of what is sure to be an avalanche of mud as November 4th approaches, and there is no doubt that the mud will flow both ways.

I hold no illusion that the Democrats will stay above the fray. I fully expect them to return mud with mud; it’s the way of life in politics today. It would be interesting to see Obama and McCain run on issues and positions, and not bashing “he said, she said.”

But heck, that’s what they have Clintons for.