Barack Obama gives a “fist bump” to his wife on the night he clinched the Democratic nomination and suddenly he’s a terrorist.

A terrorist, according to that bastion of un-biased reporting, Fox News.

Wow, neither candidate has picked a Vice President, gone to their convention or even vetted the guy that makes the coffee, and the far right is so desperate, they are calling a fist bump a secret terrorist handshake.

Next thing you know, we’ll find out Nancy Pelosi’s hairstyle is really a secret communication device where her and Harry Reid swap baklava recipes with Osama Bin Laden.

The GOP slime machine is already starting to rev its engines, taking dead aim at Obama. Remember Willie Horton and Swift Boat? You can bet your precious automatic weapons there will be that level of crap thrown out, and probably even worse this coming election cycle.

All this for a third Bush term. How did the first two work out for ya kiddies?

Thought so.

And for the record, Barack Obama is not Muslim, he never said the American flag is a symbol of war and oppression, and the tooth fairy does not exist.