Somewhere, deep within the recesses of an undisclosed location known only to Hillary, the Fat Lady has begun to sing. At least that’s what the MSM, the ever elusive Conventional Wisdom, and most people able to count to 2,118 have been led to believe.

Nah, nah, nah, nah…

Should these reports actually hold true, this week will effectively mark the end of Hillary’s political career. To put it bluntly, all she will ever be is a Junior Senator from the State of New York. While she may act like her adopted state’s senior senator, that position is officially held by UpChuck Schumer, and at the risk of sounding morbid, the only way he’ll ever leave the Senate is feet first.

Nah, nah, nah, nah….

There may be some who will implore Obama to tap Hillary as his #2. I can think of few fates worse than having Hillary breathing down my neck for the next four and possibly eight years. Hillary doesn’t like playing second fiddle and Obama must know this by now. So, unless he wants to hire a 24/7 food tester, he’d best embrace Hillary and whisper in her ear “We’ll always have the Senate.”

Hey, hey, hey…

There’s always the possibility of an August surprise. Obama’s campaign could spontaneously combust and implode under the weight of revelations as yet unseen. Hillary could just be cooling her jets until Harold Ickes takes a baseball bat into the DNC credentials committee meeting and does some ‘splainin the old fashioned Chicago way.

Barring either of those two remote possibilities, Hillary will go back to her life in Chappaqua and DC. The oft described “smartest woman in the world” will see her name added to the lengthy list of also-rans. Yes, there will be talk of 2012, especially if Obama manages to squander the best campaign environment for Democrats since 1974. Democrats aren’t famous for giving presidential candidates a second bite at the apple, so in my not so humble opinion, the Fat Lady has now sung her Hillary Serenade.