By a vote of 15-12, the DNC committee meeting in DC just rejected a motion to seat all of Florida’s delegates to the nominating convention. An unhappy audience interrupted the proceedings to chant “Denver!” for about two minutes.

An alternate motion to divvy pledged delegates by awarding one half vote for each is still under discussion, but drew loud hisses from the crowd.

Meanwhile, one committee member just said, “Do you like Democracy? Well, this is the next best thing” about the compromise.

Peanuts! Popcorn! Cold beer!

Oh, here we go: the count is in: unanimous (27 for, with one committee member from Florida unable to vote). The DNC will count each Florida delegate as one-half vote.

Now the same motion is under discussion for Michigan.

Fasten your seatbelts: Here’s Harold Ickes, who rises “in opposition” and “finds it inexplicable that this body … is going to fly in the face of … fair reflection. This motion will hijack, hijack, remove four delegates won by Hillary Clinton and (negate the votes) of 600,000 Michigan voters… This body is going to substitute its judgment for 600,000 voters, now that’s Democracy!” He is stunned at “the gall and chutzpah.”

He’s arguing that you can’t violate “fair reflection,” citing its inclusion in the DNC charter. A vote for the half-vote motion would strip his candidate Hillary Clinton of four votes.

“Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her right to take this to the credentials committee” at the convention, he says. The crowd chants “Denver! Denver!” again.

I think Ickes is going to vote against the motion. Hard to tell, he’s so coy about his feelings.

In the end, I predict each state will get half its delegates. I guess the DNC could only afford a six-inch ruler with which to swat knuckles!


7:16 pm EDT: Indeed, Fla & Mich are now DNC demi-states.