Ron Paul supporters may be in unsure of their next move. Libertarians made up much of the support base for Paul, the Republican presidential candidate who has not withdrawn, despite John McCain having acquired the needed delegates to lock up the nomination some time ago. Despite some support for him within the Libertarian Party – and the fact that he was the party’s presidential nominee in 1988 – Paul had indicated he would not seek the Libertarian nomination in 2008.

At the Libertarian Party convention in Denver, fourteen candidates initially sought the nomination, including former Democratic presidential contender, Mike Gravel – yes, he of the bizarre throw-the-rock-in-the-water ad. After six ballots, former Republican Congressman Bob Barr emerged as the party’s nominee for president. Barr, who left the Republican Party in 2006, was a key figure in the Clinton impeachment proceedings.

NeoPaulitans may be torn between supporting Barr as a third party candidate and supporting Paul, with whatever it is that he is doing.