According to Bob Beckel, if Hillary wants to run for VP on Obama’s ticket, there’s almost no way he could keep her off. Beckel, hugely successful as presidential campaign manager for Walter Mondale, states that a large number of superdelegates made the very difficult decision to back Obama, especially considering the direct pleas for Hillary from her hubby president.

Despite the fragmenting Democratic Party, it is now all but certain that Obama will win the party’s nomination, and, once it is official, Obama will get to hand-pick his running mate, right? Not so fast.

Most people do not realize that, at the convention, once a presidential nominee is decided, a second roll call is taken to nominate a vice presidential candidate. The theory is that all those superdelegates who supported Obama would be unable to again say “No” to the former president, should Bill call and ask them to back Hillary as she seeks the VP slot. The drama could just be beginning…