Screw all the talk of appeasing foreign tyrants and dictators lately. The only regime political pundits seem concerned about appeasing is the Clinton regime and how presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama will handle his Hillary Problem and bring her army of supporters) into the Democratic fold come November.

In other words, people within the Beltway pontificate the prevention of a Hillary hissy fit: Should she be vice president? Should she be offered a cabinet position? Should Obama help retire her whopping $20 million-debt? Will ticked-off, feminist voters flock to John McCain in protest?

Here are the Cliff’s Notes-sized answers, in order, to those questions: No. After such a venomous campaign in the primary season, why should Obama invite the neck pain that would occur by looking over his shoulder with both Hillary and Bill standing there? As for the cabinet post? Again, no. For all of her chest-thumping about being experienced throughout the campaign, Hillary hardly has the resume for a heavy-lifting cabinet position like Secretary of State. Retire her debts? That’s a negative, too as it would send a bad message to Obama’s million-plus small donors for him to help a multi-millionaire get out of debt only because she spent a fool’s ransom in a desperate power grab.

And finally, to that last question: Hell no. Any feminist voter who cries sour grapes over Clinton’s failed candidacy and defect to the unabashedly conservative and pro-life McCain should turn in their burning bras at their local NOW chapter. And ladies, enough with the “It’s our turn” nonsense. Democrats have taken the African-American vote for granted on many election cycles, yet, since 1968 blacks have towed the line and supported the party in overwhelming numbers. There is no reason that feminist voters can’t do the same.

And what about the argument that only Hillary can carry the “working, hard working white” vote in crucial swing states? Firstly, Tuesday’s elections proved that Obama’s so-called problem drawing the working class white vote didn’t apply in Oregon , where he beat Clinton by 16 points and won that demographic by 2 to 1. In Appalachia, however, Obama lost Kentucky by 35 points and was equally trounced in West Virginia by 41 points. (By the way, Appalachia extends to Pennsylvania , were Obama lost by nine points.)

Should Obama really be concerned about losing West Virginia (five electoral votes) when he can win Virginia (13 electoral votes)? Why should he fret over losing a red state like Kentucky (eight votes) win he can win Iowa (seven votes) or Colorado (nine votes)? And who says he can’t win Pennsylvania, when a new Zogby poll has Obama currently up by eight points over McCain in the state?

Perhaps the pundits are simply surprised that the junior senator from Illinois with the Muslim sounding name the most votes, the most pledged delegates, the most superdelegates and the most contests won soundly defeated the Clinton machine. But there is no reason to think that Hillary Clinton is entitled to being appeased anything.

Just like any other candidate who ran for the White House and failed, there is no reason to think that Hillary Clinton should be afforded a consolation prize.