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Before I begin this rant, I should probably state clearly that my personal preference during the Republican primary race was former Bay State Governor Mitt Romney. I thought – and still think – he was and is the best qualified person to sit in the Big Chair. Having said that, in every race there are victors and vanquished and in the end Mitt didn’t make the cut. For better, and quite possibly worse, the Republican party has chosen and is now stuck with John McCain.

The only drama left on the Republican side is who will fill the VP slot on the McCain ticket. Sorry all you Ronulans out there. Drop me a line if you ever get internet service at that colony of yours.

In his seemingly endless quest to remain in the limelight, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee keeps the rumor mill going about his quest for the #2 spot on the ticket. According to USA News’ James Pethokoukis, Huck is the odds on favored to get the nod.


Where he gets the idea that Huck brings anything to a McCain ticket is beyond me. Huck’s idea of economic stimulation is widening I-95 from Bangor, Maine to Miami, Florida. His tax plan revolves around the idea of closing down the IRS – like that will ever pass any Congress. As for foreign policy, Huck doesn’t differ much from Obama.

The issue of religion is never far from Huck – and this is where my main problem with him lies. Huck made a point of declaring himself to be the “Christian” leader – thereby calling into question the religiosity of every other candidate. I understand the bulk of his non-political life was spent behind the pulpit, but there is a limit to how much I religion I can handle on the political stage.

It was a not-so-subtle reference by Huck to Mitt Romney’s religion – one which I share with him – which sealed my negative opinion about the former Arkansas governor. In a December interview with the New York Times Magazine, Huck made a reference to Mormonism – asking the reporter

“Don’t Mormons,” he asked in an innocent voice, ‘‘believe that Jesus and the devil are brothers?”

Now, dear reader, this little tidbit isn’t something that comes easily to someone who claims to know little about Mormon theology. Mike Huckabee spent far too many years at the pulpit not to have known exactly what he was doing. He knew the furor that question would cause, and he knew the reporter would print it. Huck purposely injected religion into what should have been a secular campaign. So, on top of everything else I hold against Huck, you can now add a lack of class.

The political world is one of give and take back scratching. McCain owes the fact he has had a clear running field to Mitt Romney’s graceful exit at CPAC. Mitt could have pulled a Hillary and fought McCain tooth and nail all the way to St. Paul. He didn’t and the Republican Party is in much better shape because of it.

Huck, on the other hand, stayed in the race far past his Sell-By Date. He never had a realistic chance of winning the nomination which kind of makes one wonder why he stayed in so long. His electoral base is broad, but not deep enough to put any state in play which McCain wouldn’t carry anyway.

McCain knows that because of his age, his VP choice will be critical. He also knows that most conservatives are already having trouble holding their collective noses to vote for him in November. Personally, I will most likely pull the lever – or touch the screen – for McCain. Should he be foolish enough to put Huck on his ticket, he’ll lose my vote altogether.