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The GOP Horse Tip Sheet
Rankings last updated: May 15, 2008
Power Ranking The Horse Mug Shot Momentum The Tip Sheet
1 John McCain McCain Up “Hi, I’m John McCain, I’m running for President, remember me?” That is probably the first commercial Mac should run once the Democrats end their Rocky vs. Apollo brawl. He’s embarked on a foreign policy tour, a biographical tour and a green tour. All that’s left is a three hour tour. (Question – would McCain be the Skipper or Mister Howell?) He’s facing some challenges in the immediate future, like who’s gonna be his VP, and some challenges down the line, like Ron Paul telling his supporters that there is a Star Trek Convention in St. Paul in early September. Beam me up, Johnny!

The DEM Horse Tip Sheet
Rankings last updated: May 15, 2008

Power Ranking The Horse Momentum The Tip Sheet
1 Barack Obama Obama Up It has been a tale of two campaigns for Barry Obama, one of offense and one of defense. His offense is sort of like his basketball game – it’s pretty good and he knows it. When he was on offense, he buried Hillary Clinton in the month of February. And then came his defense. Yah, his defense is a bit more like his bowling game – painful to watch. He’s been on the defensive since March and has lost more primaries than he won. Despite these gutter balls, he’s managed to pick up a spare by catching and passing Hillary in pledged superdelegates in the last week and then garnering John Edwards’ endorsement this week. The math is strongly in his favor, but assuming he wins the nomination, he’d better bring his hoops game in the general against McCain, because he doesn’t look good in those funny bowling shoes.
2 Hillary Clinton Clinton Even She can’t win, but does she know it? Of course she does, that’s why she’s already running for 2012. She believes that Obama is fatally flawed in the general, but has she looked in the mirror lately? The feeling here is she takes her wins in Kentucky and Puerto Rico , and then bows out “on top”. What’s next for Hill? She’s still a Senator, so she’s got that going for her. Does she push for VP? Go for Majority Leader? Quit politics, gains some weight, grow a beard, take up some pet cause, make a documentary and win an Oscar and a Nobel Prize? Oops, we forgot. Al’s got that market cornered.
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