Several years ago, I read a book about the ‘evils’ of the Walt Disney Company. I don’t necessarily remember the basic tenets of the book, but it ranged from such claims as the benign (the Disney company doesn’t treat its employees very well) to the absurd (the Disney company is actually a cult). How preposterous! How ridiculous! The Disney Company isn’t evil! It’s not as if, sometime in the 90’s, the Disney Company actually went and built a town in Florida, complete with its own zip code!

Oh wait. Never mind.

Big deal. So a few people are such fanatics of All Things Disney that they actually move to a town designed by the Disney Company. Good riddance, I say. As far as I’m concerned, people who are such fanatics of any one idea or company or person should have every right to move to a town of like-minded people. Besides, it’s not as if any of the current presidential candidates’ supporters are such fanatics that they’re actually designing in town in Texas that was inspired by their candidate!

Oh wait. Never mind.

The world just recently learned about Paulville, Texas – a town being designed and built by Ron Paul supporters (I should probably stop referring to them as Ron Paul “fanatics,” as I’m too young to die). The town will consist of 500 acres of “freedom and liberty lovers” and will give citizens “the right to wield semi-automatic weapons and the abolition of income tax.” All one needs to in order to become a citizen of Paulville, aside from being crazier than a box of crazy people, is to be a huge huge huge supporter of Ron Paul and really really really love freedom and liberty.

That’s what’s great about the United States – we have the freedom to choose where to live:

If you’re crazy about Disney, you can live in Celebration, Florida.

If you’re crazy about Ron Paul, you can live in Paulville, Texas.

If you’re just plain crazy, you can live in a mental institution. Or in Celebration or in Paulville.