While it may seem that the McCain campaign is on their couch with a tub of popcorn, watching the shoot fight-to-the-death between Clinton and Obama, they actually are doing some work in preparation for the general election.

One of the key issue McCain will inevitably face is his age.

And how do you combat the fact that your candidate would be 72 on the day of his inauguration?

Simple – float the name of a 36-year-old governor as your Vice Presidential nominee!

Bobby Jindal’s name has been mentioned by several McCain staffers in recent days, on the tail of McCain’s spending time in New Orleans with the young Louisiana Governor.

Even if this is just an attempt to keep McCain’s name in a news cycle dominated by the Obama/Clinton death match, it is further indication to me that despite strong calls to do so, I believe John McCain will not pick a “strong conservative” as his running mate. At the very least, I don’t feel it will be the primary qualification for his potential running mate.

The GOP Veepstakes are warming up quickly…