This one is from regular Brian H:

I have a theory about the Superdelegates that I wanted to run by you. Feel free to let me know if you think I am crazy.

I believe that the Reverend Wright debacle over the last week has solidified Obama’s lock on the majority of remaining superdelegates. Here is why….

If a superdelegate had put their support in Hillary’s corner a month ago they could explain to their constituencies and make the case that they believed she was the right person, at the right time, with the right experience, for the right job. There would be no little or other motives that could burden their credibility. But now that does not hold true. If an undecided Super-D were to endorse Hillary now it could, and would, be interpreted as a decision that has been made because of Reverend Wright. It would essentially be viewed as a decision based on race. I believe that the majority of Super-D’s are not going to put themselves out there to face the backlash that will insue as a result of a Hillary endorsement.

Does that make sense?

Verrrrry interesting Brian.