Ok, so I finally got around to watching Hillary’s visit to O’Reilly’s No Spin Zone. In the interest of full transparent disclosure, I don’t usually tune into the O’Reilly Factor. If I have time to watch television in the evenings, I usually prefer mindless entertainment. Last night my mindless entertainment consisted of American Idol. I’m still reeling from the dismissal of Blonde Chick when Dreadlock Boy should’ve gotten the boot after his phoned in performance the previous night.

But I digress. Where was I? Oh. Hillary and O’Reilly. Frequent commenter Kristen wanted my reaction, and I can’t help but appease my public.

First off the bat was the price of gasoline – currently $3.55 at my neighborhood Exxon. Hillary bobbed and weaved quite effectively as O’Reilly shot several pseudo questions at her. She stuck to her tried and true talking points – blaming just about everybody including the American consumer for the price of oil. She agrees with McCain on a three month gas tax holiday – but she insists it be paid for by the evil oil companies as they are flush with “windfall” profits.

To liberals like Hillary the word profit is as obscene as the F-Bomb is to most people. Yes, oil companies make money. They make that money by selling their product at the best price they can get. In truth, their profit margins aren’t obscene at all. At present they’re able to sell every single drop of crude they can get at a price which has been determined by the market. There is a limited supply of and an inelastic demand for gasoline – therefore prices are high. If you don’t know what those terms mean, look them up in any Econ 101 textbook. Then you’ll know more about economics than Hillary does.

For some reason, Hillary believes that a “Windfall Profit Tax” could make up for the loss of tax revenue to the government for the gas tax holiday. What she doesn’t understand is that if government increases the cost of doing business (with a tax increase) the oil companies will pass that cost increase down to the consumer. That’s the way markets work. She wants to change the tax structure of an entire industry to pay for a three month consumer tax hiatus. In other words, she’d try and use a shotgun to kill a mosquito. Being that she hasn’t shot a gun since her uncle took her out to the South 40 when she was a little girl, I’m kind of concerned about her aim.

Moving on to Hillary-care. Yep. Here we go again. Hillary would like to wave the MIB’s Nueralizer and make the electorate forget the Clinton (Sorry Excuse For) Administration’s first foray into the Universal Health Care Briar Patch that nearly destroyed her husband’s presidency and resulted in the 1994 Republican congressional takeover. No matter how much perfume she pours on that 55 gallon drum of natural fertilizer, and no matter how much she extols its ability to promote growth, her Universal Health Care mandate will still look and smell like a leaky septic tank.

Taxes. O’Reilly and Hillary both congratulated each other over the fact that they’re both filthy rich. Hillary wants to raise the top marginal rate back to where it was in the 1990s – someplace around 39%. In her memory, those were the good old days. Never mind the fact the Clinton (Sorry Excuse For) Administration left office with the country in a needless recession brought on by excessive tax rates. There’s only one tax rate Hillary is comfortable with – that is more. Sure, she says her lust for taxes won’t affect anyone making under 250 large a year. She also says she’ll cut middle class tax rates. I’m old enough to remember that same promise being made by her husband. I’m also smart enough to know that promised tax cut was never delivered.

And finally, Hillary crowed about her forays into bi-partisanship. Here’s where I get to laugh. Hillary’s senate record is so thin it’s pathetic. Not one major piece of legislation bears her name. She continually talks about her centuries of experience fighting for the people, yet she has very little she can personally claim credit for. I’m not really sure what bi-partisan ventures she’s been on. Maybe she sponsored legislation naming a post office after a dead Republican.

And, for the record, I only counted one slight cackle.