PD regular Whodat in Texas sent this fun little number to us:

It just keeps getting better and better! Just when I thought that the voters of Pennsylvania offered non-Demos like me a TREAT better than any DUTCH chocolate ever, here comes the “Black Women Against Planned Parenthood (BWAPP)” or whatever,who maintain than PP is a white supremest organization which promotes genocide on African Americans by subsidizing abortions for AA women. I saw the report Thursday night on Fox. Really!!!

So, we now have two core Democrat constituencies; AA women and PP et al, girding up to fight each other. Signs, screaming, and crying crowd pleasers, lawyers and PR fancy-fixers all circling to minimize damage or make points to somebody, anybody, but its a real fight and it is ugly beautiful.

Secondly: Of course, Willie, the “First Black President”, continues to grab headlines and outrage for his “racism”. Only if he could call in his old Surgeon General, AA/MD Jocilyn Elders, as his warm up act, could his show get any funnier.

Third, the “Wright Stuff” is back with Rev’s brand of a “Kinder and Gentler Tour”. He is playing the softball circuit, starting with a pre-season event with Moyers on PBS. Too bad almost nobody watches PBS because evidently they missed the softball version of the Chicago Black Sox (no pun intended). Moyers. PBS icon.

Finally, we are predictably coming to the moment when all of us who would not vote for Obama are racists. Of course, the 97% of Pennsylvania’s African American male voters who voted for Obama are not racists, but the rest of us who would not are. Brings back fond memories of those who protested most at the very thought that O.J. did it.

Can’t wait to see which traditional Democrat groups go after other traditional Democrat groups. From sound bites to street fights, from name-callin’ to convention brawlin’, from Michigan to Florida, Democrat politics have become pretty much black and white.

Whodat – and I know that’s right!