In order to understand this post, you need to have played a sport in which an official/referee is involved. In this particular case, its important to know that football is life, and the rest is just petty details.

A few thousand years ago while playing in a football game I witnessed an ongoing exchange between an opposing lineman and a referee. After the whistle had blown at the end of a series of plays, the offensive lineman complained to the official:

Ref! Ref! He’s holding me!

Ref! Ref! He head-slapped me!

Ref! Ref! He grabbed my [insert body part here]!!

Finally, after the second series and yet another number of whiny complaints, the official took the lineman aside and calmly informed him:

Son, he’s not holding you…grabbing you…or slapping you. He’s kickin’ your #%#$#@.

This past Tuesday, Pennsylvania bore witness to the sausage making that is retail politics. Hillary threw everything – kitchen sink included – at Obama and succeeded in soundly thumping him by about 10 points. The actual number may vary – Michael Barone crunches all the numbers very well – but the fact is Obama out spent Hillary three-fold and still lost.

So now the whining starts. Even before the votes were cast, Obama tried to lower expectations. As he surveyed the post primary wreckage, he cast aside his soaring rhetoric and denounced those who would “say or do anything” to win an election. I find it interesting that a losing candidate always seeks to soothe his/her supporters by claiming their opponent went to extremes they themselves would not. Yes, Senator. That place is called “victory”. After having won eleven straight contests, Obama has now lost four of the last five. In the business, we call that a losing streak.

I’m not sure how much of Hillary’s recent wins can be attributed to Operation Chaos. Personally, I’m not sure any contests have actually been taken from Obama because of OC – most likely Hillary’s margin of victory has been increased as a result. I’d love to say I participated in Operation Chaos during my state’s primary, but I was prohibited from doing so by an Act of God.

More and more it’s looking like this primary will go all the way to the Denver convention with Hillary and Obama throwing boulders at each other all the way. If nothing else it will make for high value entertainment, especially with the growing chorus of voice calling for the drafting of Algore. Memo to Howie “I Have A Scream” Dean: Please draft Algore. Please. Please. Please. End Memo.

I have little doubt Obama thought his eleven state win streak would propel him through the last contests and turn Denver into a coronation rather than a convention. With all his recent stumbles, the incessant rumors* and the drip-drip-drip of his past actions and associations, he’s learning the hard way that contests aren’t over till the fat lady sings.

Right now, Hillary has the fat lady bound and gagged in a sound proof room in an undisclosed location.

Here endeth the lesson.

*Yes, I know IMAO is satire.