“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats, living together… mass hysteria!”
– Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters

This quote pretty much sums up the the state of the race for the Democratic nomination at this point. Pennsylvania was just enough of a win for Hillary Clinton to stick it to Obama and for her to stick it out a bit longer in this race.

Pretty much everyone from Dick Morris to Morris the Cat has said it would be virtually impossible for her to find a path to the nomination, yet she continues to search for her version of the Northwest Passage. Paging Roald Amundsen, Mr. Amundsen, you have a position as a Clinton adviser waiting for you.

And if Clinton is dead, Barack Obama has to feel like one of those coeds being chased around by zombies in any one of a million “Night of the Living Dead” knock-off flicks. Questions about his campaign are popping up like the tulips and daffodils in my garden in the last couple of weeks.

To me, that makes the big winner in yesterday’s Keystone State contest none other than Senator John McCain. Somewhere J-Mac is cackling with delight over the continuing storm clouds that hover over the Dems and their race of mutually-assured destruction.

What he does with the time the Dems are giving him is critical. Sharpening his message on the economy appears to be paramount, given the library of stock footage the Democrats are bound to have in storage of McCain basically calling himself the fourth Stooge when it comes to economics.

Another idea may be to blunt any potential bump either Dem would get when their opponent finally does bail out. One way of stealing the news cycle from the newly christened Dem nominee would be for McCain to roll out his Veep choice, especially if it’s a splashy one.

Regardless, McCain would be foolish to waste this time, as either Democratic candidate, while wounded from this protracted battle, will give J-Mac lots of trouble, given the track record of the party in power during campaigns when the economy is in the toilet.

Remember kiddies – it’s the economy, stupid.

Just ask Bush 41.