In this edition of Rating the Veeps, I’m going to rate three governors whose support went a long way to helping John McCain secure the GOP nomination.

Tim Pawlenty

Pros – Young to McCain’s old, solid conservative to McCain’s maverick tendencies and comes from a swing state in the form of Minnesota.

Cons – Relative unknown who barely won reelection as governor in 2006.

Kaiser-scale decision:

Bentsen Award

Mark Sanford

Pros – Similar to Pawlenty in regards to age and conservative credentials, with a bit of a stronger resume in the area of fiscal conservativeness.

Cons – Low name recognition and McCain shouldn’t need a southerner to maintain the GOP’s hold there, so long as he sticks to a conservative nominee.

Kaiser-scale decision:

Bentsen Award

Charlie Crist

Pros – Very popular in the critical swing state of Florida, came riding to the rescue of the damsel-in-distress campaign of McCain with his critical endorsement just before the Sunshine State primary.

Cons – Relative newcomer to the scene, having only been elected as governor in 2006 and has somewhat questionable conservative credentials.

Kaiser-scale decision –

Quayle Award