Smiles are all they have...well, that and socialism.

Take this from the AP today:

Remember the cookies?

Barack Obama wants to make sure that voters do, even if it was 16 years ago that Hillary Rodham Clinton created an uproar when she sniffed that she could have given up her career and “stayed home, baked cookies and had teas.”

While Clinton brought up the problems Obama could face in a general election if he’s nominated, Obama used a two-hour debate Wednesday night to remind Americans what they don’t like about his opponent and her husband, Bill, the former president.

That’s rather rich coming from a man who has no past, at least not one that any reporter has bothered to look into. Every time anyone brings up Jeremiah Wright they are bringing up something he has “already addressed,” mention how tight he is with his money and giving to charity and it’s just plain rude, and don’t even get started on his buddy Tony Rezko or the terrorist William Ayres and you can forget that dinner party invite.

Add to that a complete and total lack of accomplishment as an elected official and what do you have? It would see you have the best the Democrats can offer up this year for President.

So yes, remember Hillary’s past, but how about actually looking into Barack Obama’s?