Now that the results have been certified by the Democratic Committees of Michigan and Florida along with independent consultant Katherine Harris, we can declare with a fair amount of certainty that reader Fabs was the winner of the Politicalderby bracket challenge.

Fabs drop one of us an email and we’ll set you up with your dream date – a one day stint as editor of Polticalderby!

I would like to point out that one of Fabs’ 3,432,324 entries edged out our fearless Editor Jason Wright by a mere ten points. (That’s just one first round game)

And speaking of Jason, there are rumors that a humanoid, roughly matching the description of our truant editor, was seen stumbling out of the woods of the Shenandoah Mountains.

While some thought it was a mini sasquatch, others noted the flamboyant tie and knew better.

We are investigating reports that the unknown creature stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.