With Tax Day looming on the horizon most taxpaying Americans are painfully aware of how much their federal, state, and local governments suck from their checkbooks. Even with TurboTax it took me almost a week worth of evenings to gather together all the receipts, statements, and other documentations necessary to fill out my 1040 form.

I know how much money I make, and I know how much money the Ravishing Mrs. Cordeiro makes. Actually, she probably knows better what I make – that’s just the way she is.

So, when I caught the Drudge headline link to a Ben Smith article noting the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton did not account for nearly $18 million in the summary of their tax filings, I had to chuckle. $18 million is a rather large chunk of coin. I’m sure an explanation is buried in the details of the disclosure form, along with the devil and a few accountants. That must have been an interesting conversation.

Hillary: Bill? What did you do with that $18 million I left on the kitchen counter?

Bill: [whispering in the phone] You mean I got me a Cayman island all to myself? [louder] What $18 million, honey? I was just making a sandwich and I didn’t see any $18 million!

Other interesting details include the Clinton’s charitable donations. Of the $109 million raked in by the Clintons over the past eight years (Dubya-nomics seem to have been very generous to them) they gave $10.2 million to charity. While on the surface this might seem quite generous, again the devil has taken up residence in the details. The Clinton’s preferred charity is their family foundation.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for charitable giving. I believe in giving to causes I care about and hoping those donations are used in an effective manner. Forgive me if I find giving to one’s own charity to be just a little bit self-serving. Oh, but wait. I’m talking about Hillary and Bill Clinton. Self serving is stamped into their DNA.

Hmmm. I wonder if I can set up a charitable foundation through which I can funnel contributions to be used for the purchase of a larger more spacious Cordeiro Manor and a more fitting mode of transportation for myself.

I’ll let you know how that works out.

Here endeth the lesson.