Well, well, well. This should be one for the books. Hillary has decided to take on Bill O’Reilly tonight. I’m not certain, but this might be her first foray on the Fox evening line up.

I checked, and the low temperature tonight in Hell (which is physically located in Michigan just in case you wanted to know where you were telling people to go) will be a balmy 42 degrees.

Ok, dear readers, what’s the over under for the number of Hillary Cackles we’ll see tonight. Bets on fireworks?

FACT: Apple just debuted a new commercial over the weekend for the iPod, featuring the song “Shut Up and Let Me Go.”

FACT: Barack Obama continues to distance himself from the comments Reverend Jeremiah Wright made over the weekend.




I wish I’d thought of this first, but I must give credit to the Fox All Star Charles Krauthammer. I’d love to see this bunch sing My Little Buttercup.


Under different circumstances, I’d be inclined to feel that Barack Obama has been treated unfairly over the past few weeks. It seems that everything he says or does gives ammunition to his opponents (both Democratic and Republican) for use against him. The guy can’t catch a break.

As if to add insult to injury, Jeremiah Wright – “spiritual” advisor to Obama – has been busy putting himself in front of as many television cameras and microphone banks as possible in order to milk the Obama campaign for every single minute of fame he can get. Not bad for a guy who has allegedly retired from the pulpit. You’d think Hillary Clinton was in charge of booking speakers for the National Press Club.

(UPDATE: Turns out my guess is more factual than even I could imagine. A Hillary backer organized Mr. Wright’s appearance.)

In this country there is (or at least was) a separation between religion and politics. The wise Founders enshrined that separation in Article VI of the US Constitution by declaring that no religious test would be permitted for people seeking public office. So constitutionally I am saddened by the fact that Obama is being slammed by remarks made by his pastor.

Having said that, I’m not shedding too many tears. The man whose run for the Oval I supported the most had his religion questioned at nearly every turn and opportunity by both left and right leaning pundits as well as more than a few of his opponents. Mitt Romney was peppered by religiously driven diatribes even before he actually started campaigning. More than one pundit demanded that he answer for his family’s unique ancestral family structure, the actions of his relatives on September 11, 1857, and church doctrine as to the salvation status of his long deceased family dog. I’m sure Mitt would have been questioned on his Bishop’s latest sermon had he not ended his campaign when he did.

Obama has attempted (and some would say failed) to distance himself from Mr. Wright. For his part, Mr. Wright has claimed his inflammatory remarks were “taken out of context” because the entire sermon had not been put on the sound-byte loop. Well, dear reader, Blogfather Hugh had as much of the sermons in question as are available. Read or listen to them for yourself. Let me tell you something – context doesn’t help Mr. Wright. If anything, context does little more than lump Jeremiah Wright in the same league as Ward Churchill and Michael Moore. Those boneheads occupy the lowest rungs of Cordeiro’s Sliding Scale of Humanity coming in at Miserable Vomitous Mass (MVM) and Waste Of Skin And Breathable Air (WOSABA) respectfully.

Mother Cordeiro (and a mean mother she was and is) wisely warned me (several times) that people would – rightly or wrongly – judge me by the company I keep. In my circle of friends and acquaintances both personal and professional, I can’t say that I have any unrepentant terrorists, shady political “fundraisers”, or spiritual “advisors” who want to re-work the lyrics to God Bless America. Well, there was that one lady who tried to sell me a time-share once, but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

But I digress.

These are the people in Obama’s neighborhood – both figuratively and literally. Their association with him, and more importantly his association with them speak volumes about what kind of president he would be – especially since he’s made his finely honed judgment such an important pillar of his campaign.

PD regular Whodat in Texas sent this fun little number to us:

It just keeps getting better and better! Just when I thought that the voters of Pennsylvania offered non-Demos like me a TREAT better than any DUTCH chocolate ever, here comes the “Black Women Against Planned Parenthood (BWAPP)” or whatever,who maintain than PP is a white supremest organization which promotes genocide on African Americans by subsidizing abortions for AA women. I saw the report Thursday night on Fox. Really!!!

So, we now have two core Democrat constituencies; AA women and PP et al, girding up to fight each other. Signs, screaming, and crying crowd pleasers, lawyers and PR fancy-fixers all circling to minimize damage or make points to somebody, anybody, but its a real fight and it is ugly beautiful.

Secondly: Of course, Willie, the “First Black President”, continues to grab headlines and outrage for his “racism”. Only if he could call in his old Surgeon General, AA/MD Jocilyn Elders, as his warm up act, could his show get any funnier.

Third, the “Wright Stuff” is back with Rev’s brand of a “Kinder and Gentler Tour”. He is playing the softball circuit, starting with a pre-season event with Moyers on PBS. Too bad almost nobody watches PBS because evidently they missed the softball version of the Chicago Black Sox (no pun intended). Moyers. PBS icon.

Finally, we are predictably coming to the moment when all of us who would not vote for Obama are racists. Of course, the 97% of Pennsylvania’s African American male voters who voted for Obama are not racists, but the rest of us who would not are. Brings back fond memories of those who protested most at the very thought that O.J. did it.

Can’t wait to see which traditional Democrat groups go after other traditional Democrat groups. From sound bites to street fights, from name-callin’ to convention brawlin’, from Michigan to Florida, Democrat politics have become pretty much black and white.

Whodat – and I know that’s right!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3




It doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania. It won’t matter if she wins Indiana, etc. Neither she nor Barack Obama can win the nomination unless the other concedes.

As I wrote months ago, this will go to the convention because, as many of you have noted, they will have to pry the contest from Clinton’s “cold dead hands.”

Don’t look for a Howard Dean-brokered nomination, either. He has less power now than he did after his screech-out four years ago.

If Obama is shut out as a Democratic nominee because of old-school politics, he should launch a third-party campaign. Waddayatink?

In order to understand this post, you need to have played a sport in which an official/referee is involved. In this particular case, its important to know that football is life, and the rest is just petty details.

A few thousand years ago while playing in a football game I witnessed an ongoing exchange between an opposing lineman and a referee. After the whistle had blown at the end of a series of plays, the offensive lineman complained to the official:

Ref! Ref! He’s holding me!

Ref! Ref! He head-slapped me!

Ref! Ref! He grabbed my [insert body part here]!!

Finally, after the second series and yet another number of whiny complaints, the official took the lineman aside and calmly informed him:

Son, he’s not holding you…grabbing you…or slapping you. He’s kickin’ your #%#$#@.

This past Tuesday, Pennsylvania bore witness to the sausage making that is retail politics. Hillary threw everything – kitchen sink included – at Obama and succeeded in soundly thumping him by about 10 points. The actual number may vary – Michael Barone crunches all the numbers very well – but the fact is Obama out spent Hillary three-fold and still lost.

So now the whining starts. Even before the votes were cast, Obama tried to lower expectations. As he surveyed the post primary wreckage, he cast aside his soaring rhetoric and denounced those who would “say or do anything” to win an election. I find it interesting that a losing candidate always seeks to soothe his/her supporters by claiming their opponent went to extremes they themselves would not. Yes, Senator. That place is called “victory”. After having won eleven straight contests, Obama has now lost four of the last five. In the business, we call that a losing streak.

I’m not sure how much of Hillary’s recent wins can be attributed to Operation Chaos. Personally, I’m not sure any contests have actually been taken from Obama because of OC – most likely Hillary’s margin of victory has been increased as a result. I’d love to say I participated in Operation Chaos during my state’s primary, but I was prohibited from doing so by an Act of God.

More and more it’s looking like this primary will go all the way to the Denver convention with Hillary and Obama throwing boulders at each other all the way. If nothing else it will make for high value entertainment, especially with the growing chorus of voice calling for the drafting of Algore. Memo to Howie “I Have A Scream” Dean: Please draft Algore. Please. Please. Please. End Memo.

I have little doubt Obama thought his eleven state win streak would propel him through the last contests and turn Denver into a coronation rather than a convention. With all his recent stumbles, the incessant rumors* and the drip-drip-drip of his past actions and associations, he’s learning the hard way that contests aren’t over till the fat lady sings.

Right now, Hillary has the fat lady bound and gagged in a sound proof room in an undisclosed location.

Here endeth the lesson.

*Yes, I know IMAO is satire.


“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats, living together… mass hysteria!”
– Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters

This quote pretty much sums up the the state of the race for the Democratic nomination at this point. Pennsylvania was just enough of a win for Hillary Clinton to stick it to Obama and for her to stick it out a bit longer in this race.

Pretty much everyone from Dick Morris to Morris the Cat has said it would be virtually impossible for her to find a path to the nomination, yet she continues to search for her version of the Northwest Passage. Paging Roald Amundsen, Mr. Amundsen, you have a position as a Clinton adviser waiting for you.

And if Clinton is dead, Barack Obama has to feel like one of those coeds being chased around by zombies in any one of a million “Night of the Living Dead” knock-off flicks. Questions about his campaign are popping up like the tulips and daffodils in my garden in the last couple of weeks.

To me, that makes the big winner in yesterday’s Keystone State contest none other than Senator John McCain. Somewhere J-Mac is cackling with delight over the continuing storm clouds that hover over the Dems and their race of mutually-assured destruction.

What he does with the time the Dems are giving him is critical. Sharpening his message on the economy appears to be paramount, given the library of stock footage the Democrats are bound to have in storage of McCain basically calling himself the fourth Stooge when it comes to economics.

Another idea may be to blunt any potential bump either Dem would get when their opponent finally does bail out. One way of stealing the news cycle from the newly christened Dem nominee would be for McCain to roll out his Veep choice, especially if it’s a splashy one.

Regardless, McCain would be foolish to waste this time, as either Democratic candidate, while wounded from this protracted battle, will give J-Mac lots of trouble, given the track record of the party in power during campaigns when the economy is in the toilet.

Remember kiddies – it’s the economy, stupid.

Just ask Bush 41.


A special shout out to PD reader Red State Eddio for sending this along to me. Great stuff here.