Barack Obama, no stranger to controversy, has grasped onto that one issue that will finally silence all those Pastor Wright re-runs: the death of the penny.

While in Pittsburgh on Friday Obama announced that as president he would “seriously consider” eliminating the penny. That’s right! He’ll pull us out of Iraq, fix NAFTA (wink, wink), and once and for all wipe those troublesome copper coins from the face of the earth.

“We have been trying to eliminate the penny for quite some time. For some reason, it always come back,” [Barack] joked. “I’ve got to find out what it is about, who’s lobbying to keep the penny.” Someone in the crowd suggested it was Illinois, the Land of Lincoln. “No! Come on! You’re blaming us?” he said with a grin. “I will seriously consider eliminating the penny – as long as we can find Lincoln another place to land. Because Lincoln’s a pretty important guy,” he concluded.

With no pennies, whatever will become of Christmas Jars? It’s a vast left wing conspiracy! You read it here.

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