Enough is enough. Someone needs to do an intervention on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Fire the manager or whatever advisor told her to cite her trip to Bosnia as foreign policy experience. If she confused the memory with another, when was she ducking her head under fire while running on a tarmac? Huh?

Didn’t think so.

Fire the advisor who told her to attack Barack Obama by saying the Reverend Jeremiah Wright “wouldn’t be my minister.” Obama’s speech called for racial understanding and part – a big part – of that is comprehending why Wright is his minister (and obviously wouldn’t be Clinton’s unless she were reborn with dark skin).

Fire the candidate may be the best alternative. From this point forward, she is hurting her party by sniping at Obama. She categorically cannot win the nomination with primary victories alone. (Simple math: neither candidate can top 2,025 without the other.)

To expect superdelegates to relinquish their votes for Obama because she wants them to is as silly as her husband’s belief that he was invincible in the Oval Office and its adjoining cubbies.

Jim “Snakehead” Carville better watch his Loosiana (sic) mouth, too. Calling Bill Richardson a “Judas” was definitely over the top. Richardson’s endorsement of the gentleman from Illinois was thoughtful and heartfelt.

(Quick aside – which fits the respective candidate better, the gentlewoman from New York or the gentleman from Illinois?)

The Clinton clan needs to stop burning its bridges while it’s standing on them: That water underneath is cold.