It’s bad enough when a candidate talks about something in a stump speech and it the truth turns out to be a little different. Take “Mr Baseball” Bill Richardson’s claim that he was drafted by the then Kansas City Athletics in 1966. Buzz! Try again Billy.

But the pure foolishness that Hillary Clinton displayed by spewing on about ducking sniper fire and acting like she was some kind of female Rambo is beyond comprehension. I’m surprised they didn’t try to doctor up some footage of her in face paint and a red bandanna with an M-16 blasting her way to a helicopter with Chelsea thrown over her shoulder.

CBS laid a smackdown on Hill-bo by showing the actual footage of her walking off the plane, meeting people casually at the airbase and singing with Cheryl Crow and Sinbad at a USO event. And then they overlaid her comments from the other day, talking about ducking and running while under sniper fire.

I’m not sure I remember what I was doing 12 years ago, then again, my college days are pretty fuzzy. But I’d like to think I’d have a pretty good chance of recalling running off a plan and dodging sniper fire.

So much for that foreign policy cred she’s supposed to have over Barack Obama.