Bill Clinton latest attempt to sabotage the election (though whether directed against his wife, Barack Obama, or the Democratic party is uncertain) was his calling for an election between Hillary and John McCain, so the public could simply decide on which (America-loving) candidate would be a better leader, and the electorate could just focus on the issues.

This is funny for several reasons. 1. As repeatedly evinced in their history, the Clintons have never let issues get in the way of a good smear campaign. 2. Obama is, of course, ahead in elected delegates, with Hillary having virtually no chance of catching him. 3. Between the two Democratic camps, Hillary’s has been the race-baiting, fear-mongering, issue-avoiding champ. 4. Bill not only implies that Obama is not patriotic, but that his campaign is all about his race, whereas the Clinton spin-machine would never think to exploit or inject age, race, or, ahem, gender into a campaign.

This is just Bubba being Bubba, trying to seem relevant and caring, while smugly offering a back-handed slap at Obama. I hate to agree with Bill Richardson, but when even he calls for a new generation of leadership – and he’s not referring to the fact that he is nearly a month younger than Hillary – free from the same old political dynasties, it’s hard not to do so.