Derby regular Whodat in Texas sent along this nifty little ditty:

Military Men, whether active or retired, epitomize the term “Guard Your Flank”. Of course, the term is used often in politics, but so is the phrase, “politics makes strange bedfellows”.

McCain is still more military than he is politician. So, for McCain, guarding his flank will always be more important than sleeping around for political expediency.

For this reason, I believe that he likely has had his VP choice and his Secretary of State choice on his flanks during his Mid-East trip right now (maybe just ending today). Lieberman and Graham. Both share friendships with Big Mac that go far beyond politics. Even where they may differ in specifics, they like and trust each other – not generally, but totally.

And, the term “loyalty” is much more military than political. There is two-way loyalty among these three men that is seldom seen in politics.

So, my bet is that one of the two will be VP and the other will be Sec. of State – those two positions which can best guard the flank of any president who will define his success more in terms of the security of the USA than in the expediency of an election.

Politically, Graham on the ticket might excite Southern folks who otherwise might not be so excited about McCain’s liberal moments… Lieberman is truly a maverick of the McCain ilk an has proven he can pull it off and keep his seat against all odds and major money. Could Joe on the ticket put onneticut in play?

Maybe, but even more, it could put New York in play. Lieberman is Jewish and some of New York’s most ardent Democrat voters are uneasy with statements made by Barak’s circle. A Jewish guy on the Republican ticket might be as exciting as a parted sea!

Enough already.

Whodat says keep the Mogen David chilled…