I live just outside of Philly and work almost smack in the heart of the city, and boy it’s fun to be in the spotlight.

Last week Hillary came right to my doorstep, speaking at the Liacouras Center here on the campus of Temple University. Interestingly, she came during spring break. It actually may have been a cagey move – much of Obama’s support comes from young, college-aged students, so sneaking onto campus while much of the student body relocated to points south in an attempt to meet other student bodies was probably a good call.

Not to be outdone, Senator Obama came and spoke at the Constitution Center on Tuesday and delivered a speech that some hail as the next “ask not what your country can do for you” moment, and others have hailed as complete drivel. The speech and it’s impact have been rehashed ad nauseam, so I’m not going to delve any further than to say it accomplished at least one thing – he’s the lead story, not Hillary.

I don’t love either candidate, but I have to disagree with those who continue to question Barack Obama’s experience, because I think he and his campaign are playing the Clintons like a fiddle. They’ve managed to mostly stay out of the pig pen, which is where Team Billary shines, and they have continually stayed ahead of their news cycle.

This is like an extended chess match, and while Obama and Hillary may both be just down to pawns, Barack’s pawns are much closer to Hillary’s side of the board, just moments away from becoming queens.

I have to agree with Dick Morris – checkmate is a foregone conclusion – but the Democrats need to find a way to end this sooner rather than later, or they won’t have enough pieces left for the general election.