Barack Obama is an exceptionally poor liar, it seems.

Or he might be better called a hypocrite.

Or perhaps he just possesses poor judgment.

He claims that in his twenty years of attendance at Reverend Wright’s lunatic institution, he was unaware that the man was spouting off over-the-top anti-American, anti-white rhetoric (not to mention the fact that it was utterly inane: the United States of KKKA? It doesn’t even rhyme. We won’t be seeing that in an Obama speech anytime soon). That is a complete and utter lie.

Which would make him a hypocrite: he denounces the ‘old politics’ of equivocation while engaging in it.

Or maybe he really, truly, honestly didn’t know that his spiritual mentor held anti-American beliefs. Well, fine. Then he possesses poor judgment: he knew his self-described “spiritual mentor” for twenty years and he hadn’t the slightest clue as to what his political beliefs were, even as he constantly preached them from the pulpit? What sort of judgment is that? Playing by Obama’s rules (judgment trumps all), we should disqualify him for the presidency. (It’s not like he can make up for this with his stellar resume or brilliant new ideas.)

Either that, or we can change the rules halfway through the game and say that judgment isn’t the standard by which we should judge presidential candidates. But wait! Obama’s camp has denounced Clinton for wanting to change the rules halfway through the game!

There is just no way out of this: this could be a fatal event for Obama. We can play little games with it, but the fact is that he’s now completely affiliated with an anti-American, anti-white radical whom he refuses to disavow. He can try to change the subject to race relations if he wants, but this controversy is not about race relations. It is about Reverend Wright and Obama’s poor judgment in his affiliation with him.

It’s time to face it, Obama cultists: your man is old politics incarnate.