So you think the Pennsylvania primary will bring the Dems back to earth? Ironically, it’s scheduled for Earth Day, April 22. (Should be interesting to see if either of them exploits that.)

After Hillary won the popular vote but failed to gain many delegates in Texas and Ohio, Obama’s campaign sent out an e-mail titled “The Math.”

Maybe he should do some math. Despite his 100+ delegate lead, he’s not going to crest 2,000 without Hillary relinquishing hers.

The winners in the remaining contests won’t matter. Pennsylvania won’t determine the candidate; nor will Puerto Rico in June. This race is going all the way to the convention.

Funniest line I heard after Texas/Ohio: “Obama saw his shadow so there’ll be seven more weeks of campaigning.” (Steven Colbert who may have stolen it from National Review columnist Jim Geraghty.)

The correspondents may be tired of the race, but I like it. I remember writing a column a decade ago about a never-ending seventh game of a fantasy World Series, where the teams just kept hitting mutual tying runs, until Spring Training started the following April. I didn’t want to stop watching baseball that year.

As a political junkie, I semi-sorta-quasi-kinda feel that way about the prez push. Keep going, guys. Give me a convention worth watching this summer!