I heard, just as plenty of others had, that the conservative talk radio hosts were angling to convince Texas Republicans to vote for Hillary in the open Democratic primary, and thereby extending the nominating process. The goal would be to allow the Democrats to continue their in-fighting, which would potentially result in the loss of support among all those energized, first-time voters.

Did it actually work? Well, Hillary never fell below a statistical tie in Texas, and the red phone ad seemed to give her a bump, so, um, it’s possible, but unlikely. As it is, Hillary’s 3% win in Texas gives her the win in name only, as the actual delegates she gained were much lower than what she needed to catch Obama. Further, when the results from the Texas caucuses are finally tallied, any lead she currently enjoys may very well disappear.

That may not stop Rush Limbaugh and those of his ilk from claiming that they were a huge influence, though let’s remember how effective they were in stopping John McCain from claiming the nomination in their own party. Hillary Clinton will erroneously claim victory as well, though, as she hadn’t thought to congratulate Obama on during his string of 12 consecutive victories, her victory and concession speeches have pretty much been one and the same.

Ultimately, the radio folk may think they helped, but as Hillary is far more concerned with her own ambitions than she is with the good of the party, she was never planning on conceding anyway. The lawsuits over Florida, Michigan and, possibly, the Texas caucuses will be coming. This isn’t gong to go away anytime soon, and it’s not going to be pretty for the Democrats.