Hillary Clinton’s strategists fell over themselves so much in their efforts to stop Obama’s “momentum” that they must have formed a blockade around themselves. Hillary started out calling for a change from the evils of George Bush – and the message of change certainly resounds with the out-of-power party – but she never managed to embody change the way Obama has done. Once she abandoned change to pitch her “35 years of experience” (“advocating children”, though how that counts as experience, I’ll never know), she left the change crowd cheering around Obama. Touting experience over change is rarely a winning strategy, especially when trying to woo young Democrats.

Her latest ad, which attempts to scare voters into choosing her over Obama in a crisis situation, essentially evinces her as the Republican choice in the Democratic primary. How much more clueless can you get? And even as she continued talking about changing Washington, she resorted to the same tricks of negative campaigning and drudging up anything and everything that might serve to smear her opponent. This, in stark contrast to Obama’s positivity, further served to tilt the scales in Obama’s favor.

Naturally, she avoided John Stewart’s question last night, but just the query as to how she could be campaigning against the candidate who stood most for change clearly showcased her flawed strategy in trying to secure the nomination. Which she has lost. Though she won’t admit it. But she has.

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