Barring a miracle in the next couple of months, the 2008 Presidential election is likely to be the first race since 1976 without a Clinton or Bush on the national ticket.

These two families have given the United States a lot to remember, argue over and write about as their legacies will be raked over the coals in the coming years.

If there is one thing that the names “Bush” and “Clinton” do to Americans is invoke some kind of reaction, be it joy or nausea.

There have been some interesting moments, and I’d like to hear your take on memorable moments during the near 30-year era of Bushes and Clintons.

A few that leap to mine for me:

“Read my lips, no new taxes” – Bush 41’s quote that likely sank his reelection bid, along with a healthy dose of Ross Perot.

Bush 41 yakking on the lap of the Prime Minister of Japan.

Bill and Hill on 60 Minutes after the Super Bowl to diffuse the Gennifer Flowers scandal.

Bill’s impeachment and acquittal.

The dumbfounded and devastated look on George Dubbya’s face when told about the 9/11 attacks at a school in Florida.

“Rarely is the question asked: Is our children learning?”- January 11, 2000, Dubbya

So let me know your favs!