Interesting take from our friend RedStateEddio:

Imagine my surprise the other morning as I clicked on my link to FoxNews, only to discover the headline “Angelina Jolie supports the surge.” OK, surely Fox has overdone it this time with their propaganda. Is this part of that whole vast right-wing conspiracy thing? I immediately went and checked out MSNBC and the Washington Post, and they had the same story—whew, so it had to have really happened. You need to check your sources and keep your guard up on these things nowadays.

What was Mrs. “Lips and Hips” doing agreeing that the surge was working? She of the Hollywood Left? And more importantly, what’s up with Camp Obama? Why isn’t anyone raising a stink about it? Surely Jolie is just an actress. It’s not like she’s a professional military strategist or politician. OK, so she’s highly connected with the UN, and a very popular figure—excuse me—woman when it comes to international causes. I mean, she holds her own with assault weapons and kickboxing, but what does that have to do with the real world—but I digress (and let’s stop fantasizing about that last thought, OK?)

What happens when one famous liberal’s judgment collides with another? I know there’s a punchline in there somewhere. You can submit your own. I’m waiting for the moment when others (even libs) like Jolie, who have actually visited Iraq and talked to Gen Petraus and other leaders, can come back with a recommendation to STAY IN IRAQ until the populace is at peace, like the current administration’s aim is to do. The dirty little secret is that it’s already happened. But any Dem pol that goes over and comes back saying that is kicked to the curb.

Maybe Mr. Barack can do a few days in Baghdad to learn in person exactly what is happening. Until then, I’m left waiting for the response from the Dems. The silence is deafening. I can almost hear Ben Stein now: “Anybody?…Barack…Anybody?”